ECN's annual listing sets out all the take-overs, spin-offs, mergers and initial public offerings in the chemical sector as reported in the magazine over the past 12 months in 2003..

Company buying/acquired Location Business Stake Cost
3i/La Chemial UK/Italy speciality chemicals 80%  
Actelion/Axovan Switzerland/Switzerland biopharmaceuticals research acq $187m
Aerosil & Silanes/Novara Technology Germany/Italy fumed silica 50% to 100%  
Air Liquide/BOC (Japan Air Gases) France/UK Japanese gas businesses 55:45 jv  
Akzo Nobel/Interpon Powder Coatings (Korea) Netherlands/South Korea powder coatings 50% to 100%  
Akzo Nobel/Techni-Coat International Netherlands/Belgium speciality plastics coatings acq <?10m
Albemarle/Atofina US/France bromochemicals acq  
Alcan/VAW Canada/Norway Norsk Hydro sells flexible packaging business acq  
Alkor Draka/Pannon Aldra Hungary/Hungary Pannonplast sells stake in PVC film joint venture 50%  
Alkyl Amines Chemicals/Goldschmidt India/Germany amines 50% to 100% $1
Altana/DiaSorin Germany/Italy in-vitro diagnostics acq  
Arnaud/Champoiseau France/France distribution of surface metal treatment products acq  
Atofina/China Offshore Oil France/China polystyrene plant in Sanshui, Guangdong, China acq Sanshui Chemical Industry  
Atofina/Samsung General Chemicals France/South Korea petrochemicals venture in South Korea 50:50 jv $1.55bn(Samsung Atofina)
Aurora Holding/BorsodChem Austria/Hungary Milford Holdings sells stake 29%  
Avantium Pharma/Crystallics Netherlands/Netherlands Avantium Technologies merges life sciences units merger (Avantium Life Sciences)
Avecia/Synthon Chiragenics UK/US chiral technology acq  
Axcan/Aventis Canada/France three gastrointestinal products acq $145m
Azelis/Kraemer & Martin Italy/Germany distribution acq  
Basell/Al-Zamil Germany/Saudi Arabia polypropylene project in Saudi Arabia jv  
BASF/Callery Chemical Germany/US Mine Safety Appliances sells inorganic chemicals portfolio acq $65m
BASF/ExxonMobil Germany/US Vistanex LM polyisobutylenes business acq  
BASF/Honeywell Germany/US nylon-based engineering plastics acq $170m
BASF/Sunoco Germany/US plasticiser operations acq  
Bayer/Bufa Beteiligungen Germany/Germany polyurethane systems house in Oldenburg, Germany 50:50 jv  
Bayer/Makroform Germany/Germany polymers joint venture with Rohm 45.5% to 100%  
BioFund Management/Verdera Finland/Finland Kemira Agro sells stake in biological pesticide business 20%  
Biovian/Biotie Therapies Finland/Finland process development and production unit acq  
BOC/Air Products and Chemicals UK/US majority of Canadian packaged gas business acq $41m
BP/Arco Polypropylene UK/US BP buys partner Itochu's stake in polypropylene joint venture 15% to 100%  
Brenntag/Biesterfeld Germany/Germany industrial chemicals distribution 50:50 jv (Biesterfeld Chemie distribution)
Brenntag/Droqsa Gemany/Spain chemicals distribution acq  
British Biotech/RiboTargets UK/UK drug discovery merger  
British Biotech/Vernalis (Vernalis) UK/UK biotechnology merger  
British Vita/Crown General UK/Belgium polyolefin sheet extrusion acq  
British Vita/Polytex UK/France thermoplastic elastomer compounding acq ?0.7m
British Vita/Synco UK/Italy Cognis sells colour and additive masterbatch producer acq ?2m
Cambridge Antibody Technology/ UK/UK biotechnology acq $177mOxford GlycoSciences
CapMan/Noiro Finland/Finland Orion's cosmetics unit acq ?100m
CE Oil & Gas/BorsodChem Austria/Hungary Forras sells stake 4%to 92.29% $11.8m
Chemical Technologies/Yorkshire Group US/UK auxiliary chemicals for dyes acq $1.4m
ChemTrade Logistics/Clariant Canada/Germany North American sodium hydrosulphite business acq $62m
Chiron/PowderJect Pharmaceuticals US/UK vaccines acq $878m
Ciba Specialty Chemicals/Sun Chemical Switzerland/US perylene organic pigments acq  
Close Brothers Private Equity/Fosroc Mining UK/UK BP's speciality mining chemicals unit acq $52m
Cognis/Laporte Performance Chemicals Germany/UK Degussa sells operations in Hythe and Barry, UK acq  
Colortech/Eastman Chemical Germany/US polyethylene colour concentrates acq  
Consortium/Chimcomplex Borzesti Romania/Romania Romanian state sells stake in inorganic chemicals producer 94.75% ?25.03m
Contactoare Buzau/Moldosin Vaslui Romania/Romania state sells stake in polyester yarns and derivatives acq ?1.6m
Credit Lyonnais/Rhodia France/France Aventis cuts stake to 15% 10%  
Crompton/Basell US/Germany Interloy business assets and non-exclusive global rights to Basell's Hivalloy technology  
Cytec Industries/Avecia US/UK metal extraction products, and intermediates and stabilisers businesses acq $97m
Degussa/Ausimont Germany/Italy persalts and hydrogen peroxide businesses in Bussi, Italy acq  
Degussa/Midwest Lysine Germany/US l-lysine 50% to 100%  
Degussa/Schwenk Zement Germany/Germany construction chemicals acq  
Degussa/Shionogi Germany/Japan precipitated silica, silica gel and matting agents in Japan 51:49 jv  
Deutsche Beteiligungs and Harvest Partners/ Germany and US/Netherlands impregnated papers and foils business acq ?114m Casco Impregnated Papers
DiasSys Diagnostic/Merck KgaA Germany/Germany clinical chemistry acq  
Dor Chemicals/
polypropylene films merger Shorko Australia (Treofan Films)
Dow Chemical/Celanese US/Germany US acrylates activities acq  
DSM/Chiralix Netherlands/Netherlands drug development 25%  
DSM/National Starch & Chemical Netherlands/UK Plasticoat food coating business acq  
Dunedin Capital Partners/Hickson & Welch UK/UK organic chemicals acq $34m
Edison/BP/Solvay Italy/UK/Belgium construction of LNG terminal and expansion of ethylene terminal in Rosignano, Italy jv  
Eka Chemicals/Celulosa Arauco y Constitucion (Eka Chile) Sweden/Chile construction of chlorate plant in Chile jv  
Electra/Azelis UK/Italy distribution 57% ?45m
Estech/ExxonMobil Germany/US synthetic polyol ester-based refrigeration lubricants acq  
Francisco Moreno/Poliseda Spain/Spain Radici sells Spanish fibres producer acq  
Frutarom/Emil Flachsmann Israel/Switzerland food and pharmaceutical ingredients acq  
Frutarom/Rayner Israel/UK industrial flavours and fragrances acq $2m
Galen Holdings/Pfizer UK/US oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy acq $359m
Genencor International/Rhodia US/France brewing and enzyme business acq $9.4m
General Electric/Amersham US/UK diagnostic imaging and life sciences acq  
Genzyme/Cambridge Antibody Technology US/UK biotechnology 11% $37.3m
Givaudan/International Bioflavors Switzerland/US savoury flavours acq $21m
Grace Bauprodukte/Tricosal Beton-Chemie Germany/Germany speciality chemicals acq  
Gurit-Heberlein/Wetzel Switzerland/Germany fibre technology acq  
H&R Wasag/BP Germany/UK special products acq  
Hankkija-Maatalous/Movere Norway/Finland agricultural logistics 33.30%  
Henkel/Collano Germany/Switzerland hotmelt activities used in hygiene products acq  
Honeywell/BASF US/Germany US and China nylon fibres activities acq  
Hoyer/Abram De Haan Germany/Netherlands distribution acq  
Hoyer/Shanghai JY Germany/China transport of hazardous cargo jv(Shanghai Hoyer Sinobulk Transport)  
Huntsman/ICI US/UK petrochemicals 30% $315m
Hydro Agri/Kaltenbach-Thuring Norway/France process technology acq  
Hydro Polymers/Polymer Trading UK/France buys out partner in PVC sales venture to 100%  
Hydro Polymers/PolyOne UK/US European Easy Flow vinyl compounding business acq  
Inabata & partners/
Nitrocellulose and Energetic Technologies
Japan/UK nitrocellulose acq  
Industrie Generali/
Hekmataneh Industries Petrochemical/National Petrochemical
Italy/Iran/Iran PVC project in Hamedan, Iran 10:57:33 jv  
Ineos/Methanova Belgium/Germany Degussa sells methanol derivatives business acq  
Investors/Thermphos Kazakhstan/Netherlands phosphorus chemicals acq  
Iosif Ioan/Bicapa Tarnaveni Romania/Romania APAPS sells stake in chemicals producer 96% ?7.8m
Jarvis Porter/European Colour UK/UK printing <30%  
JGP Perrite/BASF UK/Germany Ronfalin trademark for ABS acq  
John T Essberger/Vopak Germany/Netherlands chemical tanker fleet acq ?100-110m
Kanesho Soil Treatment/BASF Belgium/Germany soil treatment acq ?65m
Kao Corp/Cognis Japan/Germany aroma chemicals and fragrance compounds acq ?36m
Kemira Kemi/Anox Sweden/Sweden development and marketing of complete biochemical water treatment solutions jv  
Kemira/Kemiron Finland/US water treatment chemicals 45% to 60%  
Kemira/Kemwater (Yixing) Finland/China water treatment chemicals to 100%  
Kemira/Klebstoffwerke Collodin Finland/Germany pulp and paper chemicals acq  
Kemira/Rhodia Finland/France industrial additives acq  
Kemira/Vulcan Materials Finland/US pulp and paper chemicals acq $43.5m
Kömmerling/Chemetall Germany/Germany glass sealants and casting resins acq  
Linde/Sonatrach (Helison Production) Germany/Algeria construction and operation of a helium plant in Algeria jv  
LTB Textil Group/Corapet Corabia Romania/Romania APAPS sells stake in polyester fibres manufacturer 80.30% ?2.06m
Lukoil/Technip-Coflexip Russia/France projects in Russia and the CIS 50:50 jv  
LycoRed Natural Products/Nutriblend Israel/UK Merck sells nutritional supplements business acq  
Makhteshim-Agan/Bayer CropScience Israel/Germany crop protection products acq $52.7m
Makhteshim-Agan/Firmenich (InnovAroma) Israel/Switzerland development, manufacture and distribution of fragrance materials to cosmetics, detergents, food and drink industries jv  
Matlin-Patterson/Vantico US/Switzerland epoxy resins acq(Huntsman Advanced Materials)  
MBO/PKN Orlen Poland/Poland three maintenance and service subsidiaries acq  
Messer Griesheim/Sauerstoffwerk Lenzburg Germany/Germany industrial gases 49.5% to 100%  
MetaGen/Astex Technology Germany/UK biotechnology merger  
M-I/Dynea International US/Finland oilfield chemicals acq ?76m
MOL/INA Hungary/Croatia oil and gas 25% $505m
Nanaa Hasan/Terom Iasi Romania/Romania APAPS sells stake in polymer and polyester fibres manufacturer 94.60% $5.71m
NIB Capital Private Equity/UCB Netherlands/Belgium methylamines and derivatives acq  
Nippon Gohsei/British Traders Japan/UK distribution of Nippon Gohsei products in Europe and the UK to 100%  
Nordic Storage/Statoil Sweden/Norway tank terminal in Sweden acq  
Novartis/Pfizer Switzerland/US incontinence drug Enablex acq  
Odfjell/Korea Petrochemical Industry Norway/Korea chemical tank terminal in Onsan, South Korea 50%  
One Equity Partners/LBC Group US/France bulk liquid storage acq  
Owens Corning/Saint-Gobain US/France construction of glass fibre composite plant jv  
PCS XXI Inversiones Bursatiles/La Seda de Barcelona Spain/Spain polyethylene terephthalate 13.70% $8.8m
Pergo/Witex Sweden/Germany flooring 74.9% to100% ?27.5m
Perstorp/Hansol Chemience (Hansol Perstorp) Sweden/South Korea trimethylolpropane   51:49 jv
Perstorp/Koei (Koei-Perstorp) Sweden/Japan polyols sales and distribution 40:60 jv  
PKN Orlen/Energo Poland/Poland energy installations subsidiary 25% $26 000
Plexiglas/Unichem/ZAO Orgsteklo JSC Germany/Russia/Russia production of polymethyl methacrylate in Russia jv  
PQ Europe/Rhodia Netherlands/France silicates business in Italy acq  
Procter & Gamble/Wella US/Germany cosmetics and fragrances acq ?3.2bn
Quaker Chemical/KS Chemie US/Germany cleaners/wet temper fluids and products used in the steel industry acq  
Quimigal/Elnosa Portugal/Spain Ence sells stake in chemicals unit 50% to 100%  
Red Mountain/LII Europe US/Germany LaRoche Industries sells chlor-akali subsidiary acq  
Reederei Jaegers/Chemgas Germany/Netherlands Vopak's gas shipping activities acq  
Reilly Industries/Degussa US/Germany vitamin B3 business acq  
Repsol YPF/Syntroleum Spain/US Gas-to-liquids projects in Bolivia jv  
Rhodia/Albemarle France/US phosphorus-based polyurethane flame retardants acq  
Roche/Igen International Switzerland/US biopharmaceuticals acq $1.4bn
Sabic and Süd-Chemie/Scientific Design Saudi Arabia/Germany/US Linde sells process technology company acq  
Sabic EuroPetrochemicals/StaMax Netherlands/Belgium Owens Corning sells share in PP composite company 50% to 100%  
Saratoga Partners/Sericol US/UK BP sells speciality printing inks business acq $119m
Sasol Polymers Germany/National Petrochemical Germany/Iran construction and operation of the 9th olefin complex in Assaluyeh, Iran 50:50 jv  
Schenker/Beijing International Technology Germany/China logistics 70:30 jv Cooperation Centre (Schenker BITCC Logistics)
Schumann Sasol/Dynea Moers Germany/Germany Dynea sells paraffin emulsions subsidiary acq  
SembCorp Utilities/Enron Teesside Operations Singapore/UK utilities acq $131m
Shell/Qatar Petroleum UK/Qatar gas-to-liquids projectin Ras Laffan, Qatar jv  
Shin-Etsu Chemical/Clariant Japan/Germany cellulose ethers acq ?241m
Siegfried/Alpha Bioverfahrenstechnik Switzerland/Germany biotechnology 75%  
Siena Investments/Chemicals Netherlands/UK Royal Vopak sells stake in tank storage company and Oil Storage Management 50%  
SigmaKalon/Samsung Fine Chemicals Netherlands/South Korea coatings 60:40 jv  
Sika/Tivoli Klebstoffe Switzerland/Germany adhesives 49% to 100% $45m
Solvay/Nikos (Soligran) Belgium/Russia polyvinyl chloride compounds 50:50 jv  
Solvin Italy/GRP Italy/Switzerland PVC transportation from northern Europe to Italy jv (Solvin Italia Railway Intermodal Operations)
Soros Private Equity Partners/PolymerLatex US/Germany latex products acq ?235m
Stepan/Pentagon Chemical Specialties US/UK detergent and cleaning biocide product lines acq  
Süd-Chemie/Liaoning Redhill Volclay Germany/China bentonite processing acq  
Syngenta/Diversa Switzerland/US drug development 12.6% to >18%  
Tchibo and consortium/Beiersdorf Germany/Germany personal care products 40% ?4.4bn
Teekay Shipping/Navion Canada/Norway Statoil sells shipping business acq $800m
Tender Timisoara/Carom Onesti Romania/Romania APAPS sells stake in synthetic rubber manufacture 51%  
Teva/Sicor Israel/US generic drugs acq $3.4bn
Trelleborg/Smiths Group Sweden/UK polymer sealing solutions   $807m
UCB/Solutia Belgium/US resins, additives and adhesives acq $500m
Uhde/Chemgineering Germany/Switzerland technology consulting and engineering services stake  
Umicore/OMG Belgium/US precious metals acq $752m
Undisclosed/Chemgas Unknown/Netherlands Vopak's gas shipping activities acq  
Unipex/Interchemical and Chimiray France/France two distribution companies acq  
Uralita/Aragonesas Spain/Spain chemicals 11.3% to 100%  
US Amines/Celanese Chemicals US/Germany global allylamines and US alkylamines businesses acq  
VCP Industrie Beteiligungen/MOL Austria/Hungary petrochemicals 2.82%  
Vektra M/Zupa Serbia/Serbia production of sulphate, pesticides and potassium 70%  
Vopak/Dow Chemical Netherlands/US tank terminal in California, US acq  
Vopak/HCI/Brenntag Netherlands/South America terminals in Venezuela and Colombia acq  
Vopak/Sepressa Netherlands/Ecuador HCI/Brenntag's share in terminal 50%  
Wihuri/Walothen Finland/Germany Bayer's PP films subsidiary acq  
Xenova/KS Biomedix UK/UK biotechnology acq $14m
Yukos/Sibneft (YukosSibneft Oil) Russia/Russia oil and petrochemicals merger  
Zimmer/Fleissner Germany/Germany staple fibre contractor acq  
Zorlu Petrogas/Sanko Kimya Turkey/Turkey textiles 48.70%