2003/6/6  DuPont

DTI Inks Strategic Alliance with Huvis

The Apparel Business of DuPont Textiles & Interiors (DTI) and Huvis, a leading producer of specialty polyester products, have formed a strategic alliance that will include significant cross-licensing of technology and brands.

The alliance enables DTI Apparel to tap into new streams of innovation and reinforces its commitment to cost-competitive solutions for supplying market needs. It gives Huvis better access to global markets, initially in Asia and the Americas, via DTI's marketing resources and brand portfolio. The collaboration will focus initially on fiber and fabric products for the active sportswear and intimate apparel segments, but is expected to extend to ready-to-wear and even household textiles.

Huvis polyester products will be marketed globally by DTI under the DuPontTM Lycra®, Coolmax®, Thermolite® and Tactel® brands depending on the end use benefits they bring. And Huvis will license the use of DTI consumer brands in the Korean market for their products that deliver on the soft touch promise of Tactel® and the moisture management properties of Coolmax®.

In February 2002 DuPont announced
its intention to divest the DTI business unit so that it could evolve as a specialist textile enterprise. Bill Ghitis, DTI vice president and general manager for Global Apparel, believes these types of alliances reflect the new reality of the apparel industry, and of the new DTI business model. "One reason for the divestiture of DTI by DuPont is to give us flexibility to create alliances and partnerships and set new investment priorities," Bill said.

Huvis is the largest polyester producer in Korea and one of the fastest-growing enterprises of its kind in the world, having expanded its operations to Brazil, China and Germany. Heavy investment in specialty fibers has made it a world leader in polyester technology.

Huvis    http://eng.huvis.com/

A specialist in the manufacture of polyester products, and an industry leader in the Korean market

Huvis was established in November 2000, by merging
Samyang and SK Chemicals Polyester business divisions, which had been respectively leading Korea's polyester industry for the past the 30 years.. Since its founding the company has been recognized for its exemplary corporate restructuring practices, highlighting resolute management reforms, cultural unity and stable management-labor initiatives to promote harmony. Thanks to these and other forward-thinking measures, the firm has created a new model for corporate management. It is constantly striving to become 'an enterprise dedicated to sharing and developing in step with its clientele' based on accumulated technology and enhanced management capabilities.

Corporate Profile
The polyester business at Huvis is centered on three sectors-Filament Yarn, Staple Fiber, chip-with large-scale polyester production factories located in Jeonju, Suwon and Ulsan.

Since its establishment the company has carried out diverse management policies, including the adoption of a TOP (Total Operational Performance) mandate for optimal production; this initiative constructs working partnerships with clients to provide total solutions. It has also implemented a TCS (Total Customer Solution) regime to center upon radical quality improvement and product development, in facilitating technological progress and client-centered management.
Furthermore, It is taking off as a global leader in the 21st century through a world standard level of management, in building cooperative management-labor relationships, resolutely breaking away from inefficient and wasteful practices of the past, and establishing a performance-oriented culture based on fair and objective standards.