2003-6-3 Asia Chemical Weekly

India extends ADD on PS imports from four Asian countries

The Indian government has extended the validity of antidumping duty (ADD) on polystyrene (PS) imports
from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia by one year to 29 June 2004. The ADD is levied on general purpose PS (GPPS) and high impact PS (HIPS).

ADD was imposed on 30 June 1998 and was to have lapsed on 29 June 2003. The decision to extend the validity by one year has been taken at the recommendation of antidumping authority (ADA).

The decision will benefit Supreme Petrochem Ltd, BASF Styrenics and LG Polymers India. A fourth PS company, Greaves Ltd, suspended production a few years back while a fifth manufacturer, BASF India Ltd, will not benefit as it only produces expansible PS, which is out of purview of ADD.

India currently levies ADD at different rates on PS imports from companies from the four countries affected. The lowest rates are Rs1963/tonne ($41.2/Euro35.1/tonne) on GPPS and Rs4463/tonne on HIPS on Taiwan
fs Eternal Chemical while the highest rates are Rs13 493/tonne on GPPS and HIPS imports from all other companies from Taiwan.