PolyMirae is the premier polypropylene company in Korea. It was formed by a strong alliance of two highly respected global companies, Daelim Industries and Basell(Montell) Polyolefins; with the specific charter of expanding the demonstrated properties of polypropylene in order to provide our customers with leading edge solutions to their material requirements.

PolyMirae is an exciting company because it will allow our customers in Korea and Northern Asia a full range of services previously unavailable.

The Basell(Montell) family is the global provider of polypropylene and engineering polymers with manufacturing facilities in every corner of the world. Basell(Montell) Polyolefins was formed in 1995 by the successful merger of the polyolefins businesses of the Montedison Group and the Shell Group, and since that time has become the world market leader in Polypropylene, founded on a strong emphasis in technology and product development. This access to proven solutions means that our customers can benefit from application know how that will increase their speed to market.

Daelim Industries has a strong presence in Korea and is established as a premier provider of polyolefins. It's contribution to PolyMirae is demonstrated with four world class production facilities in Yeochon, and a "best in class" research and development facility in Daeduk. In addition PolyMirae will operate a world class pilot plant facility to confirm our customers confidence when they introduce new products to the public.

This combination of access to worldwide application solutions  and world class production offers our customers the very best approach to solving their material needs. I know that PolyMirae will be able to support you in your business by using these synergies to best advantage.


All PolyMirae's plants are located at the Yeochon Industrial Complex in South Korea and composed of 4 production lines of 543,000 MTA capacity with Spheripol process.
PloyMirae also has 1 pilot plant with swing process between Spheripol (310kg/h for PP:Homo/Raco/Heco) & Spherilene(200kg/h for L-LDPE/MDPE/HDPE).
We can produce a full range of products including homopolymer, random copolymer, and impact (and super high impact) copolymer (also known as heterphasic copolymer).
In 1995, KSA/ISO9002 Certifications were obtained for the product quality management system. In 1996, KSA/ISO14001 Certifications were obtained for the environment management system.


Montell and Daelim announce agreement to form a polypropylene joint venture company in Korea

Seoul, Korea - Montell announced today that it has signed an initial agreement with Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.(Daelim) to establish a polypropylene joint venture company in Korea. Montell will acquire a 50% interest in the polypropylene activities of Daelim (including the polypropylene assets being acquired by Daelim from Hanwha, through a swap of their polypropylene and polyethylene assets.)

Montell and Daelim are now concentrating on implementation activities, including financing and venture approvals, and are aiming to form the new company by the end of 1999.

The new company will represent a unique alliance in the Korean and Asian polypropylene makets by combining Daelim's position as a leading regional producer and marketer of polypropylene with Montell's global leadership in polyolefin technology, manufacturing and marketing. In particular, the partners will work to create strong links between the new company and Montell's Asia-Pacific network.

Upon formation the new company will include the polypropylene-related manufacturing and research facilities owned and being acquired by Daelim, together with an existing state-of-art pilot plant and product inventories. Manufacturing facilities will include four modern Spheripol process technology polypropylene plants constructed within the past seven years in the Yeochon area of South Korea, which have a combined annual capacity in excess of 500kt. The company's commercial and corporate offices will be located in Seoul.


2008/9/29 LyondellBasell

LyondellBasellfs Metocene PP technology selected by PolyMirae, Korea

PolyMirae (PMC), a joint venture between Daelim and LyondellBasell, has selected LyondellBasell
fs Metocene PP technology for one of its Spheripol lines in Yeosu, Korea.

The Metocene PP technology license to PMC covers a full range of homopolymers, random copolymers and heterophasic copolymers with significantly improved physical properties. Metocene PP technology is the first commercially available metallocene-based technology which is proven in world-scale plants. LyondellBasell has been developing and operating this technology for a number of years, selling Metocene-based PP products successfully into the European and North American polymer markets.

gAs a key PP producer in the Asian market, PolyMirae is eager to maintain a leading technology position in the region by continuously having access to the newest and best technological tools for making outstanding products that serve our customerfs needs,h says C.J. Park, CEO of PolyMirae. gMoreover, PolyMirae is very pleased that it will be the first company introducing a comprehensive metallocene polypropylene technology with broad product coverage into the region.h

Metocene PP technology has proven to be a very versatile technology,h said Kaspar Evertz, LyondellBasellfs senior vice president of Licensing. gIt extends the product range of conventional PP by including product advantages like higher purity, better organoleptic properties and significantly improved transparency. Moreover, reactor grades with very high melt flow can be produced without further visbreaking in the extruder.h

C. J. Park added, gWith these product advantages, PolyMirae is confident that it will deliver customers additional benefits like more stable spinning operation, enhanced flow promotion and dispersion of additives.h

In addition to the first Metocene PP license, PolyMirae has also obtained from LyondellBasell a license extension to upgrade another Spheripol PP plant in Yeosu to produce new high performance PP grades.