Image Polymers

For more than a decade, Image Polymers has developed, manufactured and marketed specialty toner resins for use in Electrophotographic applications. Utilizing patented technology, Image specializes in the manufacture of bimodal styrene acrylic copolymers, and offers International customers the benefits of local sourcing with plants located in Grangemouth, Scotland and Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee.

From its headquarters in Boston, Image Polymers offers customer service, sales and technical support for customers located in the Americas. European customers are supported from Image's European Sales office located near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Image Polymers is Joint Venture Partnership between
Avecia Ltd. and Mitsui Chemicals.

Resins and Ancilliary Products

  Styrene Acrylic Copolymers

An extensive range of Almacryl brand toner resins offers proven technical benefits to toner producers. These flagship products are available, with the same effective technical specifications, in Europe and the Americas and from Mitsui Chemicals in Japan.

  Polyester Resins

A range of available products that offer enhanced performance for both color and high speed, black toners.


Image Polymers is pleased to distribute Charge Control Agents from Avecia.

  Wax Products

Image offers a range of polyethylene and polypropylene waxes produced by Mitsui Chemicals.


注 当初は ICI と三井東圧のJV 
     ICI は後に持分を
Avecia に売却した。

Mt.Pleasant工場は元は住友化学と Stauffer ChemicalJVMt. Pleasant Chemical社の工場(Sumithion生産)で、ICIStauffer を買収し、ICIの所有となっていた)

Avecia Ltd. A World Leader in Fine and Specialty Chemicals

Avecia is a leading global fine and specialty chemicals company focused on delivering innovative technology and service excellence to customers across a range of high technology industries.

Avecia's on-going success is based on a long track record of innovation and service excellence. With over $500 million invested across 17 advanced research, technical service and manufacturing sites in recent years, Avecia operates globally at the leading edge of technology in its chosen fields.

The knowledge and skills of our international workforce of 3500 employees have pioneered many important products which are in everyday use.

With unique capabilities in organic chemistry, biological & polymer sciences and process technology, each of our business sectors offers bespoke products and services to our global customers, supported by highly focused technical expertise.