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Hoechst Marion Roussel
   Shaping the Direction of Anti-infective Medicine

Hoechst Marion Roussel, a world leader in pharmaceutical-based health care, was formed through the merger of three companies, each possessing a pioneering spirit that resulted in breakthrough medical discoveries:
Hoechst Pharma, U.S.-based Marion Merrell Dow and Roussel Uclaf of France. The company's major products are among the world's leading therapies for cardiovascular, allergic, metabolic and central nervous system disorders, and infectious diseases. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Hoechst Marion Roussel is the pharmaceutical company of Hoechst, an international company focusing on life sciences.

Hoechst Marion Roussel is dedicated to extending and enhancing human life through the discovery, development, manufacture and sale of prescription drugs. As a result, the company invests more than DM 2 billion in research and development annually to ensure the availability of new therapeutic agents to address the changing and as-yet unmet medical needs of people around the world. Our research and development focuses on cardiovascular, infectious, metabolic and central nervous system diseases, as well as in oncology, rheumatology and bone diseases.

Although a relatively new company, the commitment to innovation and excellence that is so integral to Hoechst Marion Roussel's corporate culture has a long history. Specific to anti-infective therapy, our heritage dates back more than 90 years and our legacy includes Salvarsan, Prontisil and Rubiazol, to name a few.

Currently, Hoechst Marion Roussel has an extensive portfolio of antibiotics currently available, including:

Claforan® (cefotaxime) - the first injectable third generation cephalosporin
® (cefpodoxime - proxetil) - an oral third generation cephalosporin
® (cefpirome) - a fourth generation cephalosporin
® (roxithromycin) - the first of the new generation of macrolicles
® (teicoplanin) - an injectable glycopeptide
® (Ievofloxacin) - a new quinolone antibiotic
Rifampicin family - Anti-tuberculosis products

All of these therapies are further enhancing the anti-infective pedigree of Hoechst Marion Roussel.