DSM is active worldwide in life science products, performance materials, polymers and industrial chemicals. The group has annual sales of EUR 8 billion and employs about 22,000 people (year-end 2001) at more than 200 sites worldwide.
DSM ranks among the global leaders in many of its fields. The company's strategy is aimed at generating sales of approx. EUR 10 billion in 2005. At least 80% of these sales should be generated by specialties, i.e. advanced chemical and biotechnological products for the life science industry and performance materials.
As such, this strategy represents a continuation of the company's ongoing transformation and concentration on global leadership positions in high-added-value activities characterized by high growth and more stable profit levels.

DSM is a highly integrated group of companies that is active worldwide in the field of chemicals, life science products and plastics with:

$5.9 billion in sales
22,000 people
More than 200 sites around the globe

DSM's headquarters are in Heerlen, The Netherlands. DSM's activities are organized in business groups corresponding to three coherent product/market combinations:

Life Science Products
Performance Materials
Polymers & Industrial Chemicals

The company's principal products are:

intermediates and ingredients for the pharmaceutical and food industries
performance materials (like engineering plastics, resins and synthetic rubbers) for the automotive and electrical/electronics industries
polymers as well as industrial chemicals for a wide range of manufacturing industries

DSM is the global market leader for several products including:

enzyme technologies and products
EPDM rubber

DSM Hydrocarbons
... operates two steam crackers which mainly produce polymer raw materials. The most important of these are ethylene and propylene, which are supplied to other DSM business groups as feedstocks for the production of polyethylene, polypropylene, EPDM rubber and acrylonitrile.

The product range further includes butadiene, benzene, MTBE, gasoline components, raw materials for hydrocarbon resins, aromatics, carbon black oil and styrene.

At the core of the DSM Hydrocarbons division, is its pair of naptha steam crackers with a combined annual capacity of over one million tons of ethylene and approximately 470 thousand tons of propylene. Additionally, DSM Hydrocarbons operates several modern downstream plants for benzene, butadiene, gasolines and an integrated unit for MTBE, carbon-black feedstocks, solvents and C9 resinfeed.

DSM Polyethylenes
ranks among the leading producers of polyethylenes in Europe in terms of both market position and cost price.
DSM Polyethylenes produces a variety of polyethylenes using several technologies. These materials are mainly used in the packaging industry.

DSM Polypropylenes
...manufactures polypropylene as well as a wide range of compounds based on this polymer.

The business group has a total production capacity of
750,000 tpa (including DSM Polyolefine). The products are used in packaging (flexible and rigid), fibres, automotive parts (e.g. bumper systems), pipes and electrical and electronic (E&E) components and equipment.

The business group aims to expand its position as a leading polypropylene supplier. In Western Europe, DSM holds a market share of 11% in polypropylene.

In 1997, DSM established DSM Polyolefine in Gelsenkirchen and took over the polyethylene and polypropylene activities of Veba Oel. This represented the ideal platform for implementing the groups polymer strategy.

DSM currently has a polypropylene capacity of 750,000 tpa divided over three plants (total capacity of 550,000 tpa) at the large, integrated DSM site at Geleen (The Netherlands) and one plant in Gelsenkirchen in Germany (DSM Polyolefine GmbH, the former Vestolen GmbH). By the year 2001, when a new plant in Gelsenkirchen comes on stream, capacity will amount to more than 1 million tpa.

Existing facilities with an annual capacity of approximately 300,000 metric tons of polyolefines are being modernized and expanded, and two modern new plants will boost production to almost a million metric tons per year by the year 2001 to triple present production with a workforce of 500.

DSM Hydrocarbons Americas, Inc.
is a sales office whose primary business focus is on the sales and procurement of products for DSM Hydrocarbons in The Netherlands.

DSM Hydrocarbons Americasgeographical focus is the USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia. For the Latin American market DSM Hydrocarbons Americas also sells caprolactam, cyclohexanone and specialty chemicals.


2003/2/11 DSM

Contract to sell Roches vitamins, carotenoids and fine chemicals business to DSM signed

DSM and Roche announced today that the contract to acquire Roche
s vitamins, carotenoids and fine chemicals business has been signed. This transaction is subject to approval by the anti-trust authorities. Roche and DSM anticipate that the closing will take place in the spring of 2003. The transfer of this business fits perfectly in the strategic focusing of both companies.

DSM will pay a transaction price of EUR 1.95 billion to Roche, EUR 1.85 billion in cash plus 2.24 million DSM shares with a value of approximately EUR 100 million. For this purpose, DSM will purchase these shares on the market and deliver them to Roche.

The difference to the transaction value indicated in September 2002 of EUR 2.25 billion is a result from the continued
slow-down of the worlds economies and the weakening of the value of the USD versus the Swiss Franc, which both had a negative impact on the vitamin business performance compared to earlier forecasts. This price after considering the net book value and the terms of the agreement, results in an accounting impairment of operating assets of 1.65 billion Swiss Francs, which will be recorded in the 2002 Roche Group year-end results. As announced earlier, the present and potential future liabilities from the vitamin price fixing case will remain with Roche.

Peter Elverding, DSM
s Managing Board Chairman comments: I am delighted that DSM and Roche have reached final agreement. The discussions with Roche over the last months have confirmed the fundamental attractiveness of these businesses, and its potential for result improvement. I am confident that this acquisition is a major reinforcement of the DSM Group, and that it will be earnings-per-share enhancing right away. For DSM this transaction is a very significant strategic step in our ongoing transformation into a specialties company."

Franz B. Humer, Chairman and CEO of Roche said:
The sale of the division brings a significant part of our history to an end. The transfer of our vitamins business takes place at a time when the worlds economies are facing important challenges. We therefore are very pleased that an agreement was reached with DSM, a company which in combination with our vitamins unit will have a unique and coherent portfolio of businesses and leading technologies. This is a solid basis offering excellent prospects and continuity to the division and its employees. For Roche, this agreement allows to further focus our group on our two high-tech pillars, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics to further establish our position as a leading, innovation driven healthcare company.

About the Vitamins and Fine Chemicals Division
Since pioneering the industrial synthesis of vitamin C in 1934, Roche has been the leading manufacturer of vitamins. Today the Vitamins and Fine Chemicals Division offers a wide range of products to help improve nutrition and prevent and treat disease. The division researches, produces, markets and supplies vitamins, carotenoids, citric acid and other fine chemicals for animal feed, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. In the first nine months of 2002 the Vitamins and Fine Chemicals Division achieved sales of 2.574 billion Swiss Francs. It employs about 7,300 people.

About Roche
Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Roche is one of the world
s leading research-oriented healthcare groups. The companys two core businesses in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics provide innovative products and services that address prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, thus enhancing peoples health and quality of life. The two core businesses achieved a turnover of 19.3 billion Swiss Francs in the first three quarters of 2002 and employed about 57,000 people worldwide.

Consumer brands including vitamins such as
Supradyn, Beroccaand Redoxonare part of Roche Consumer Health, the Groups over-the-counter medicines unit and therefore not included in this transaction. On 26th February 2003 Roche will announce the annual results of 2002.

2003/2/21 Financial Times

DSM pays EUR 300 M less for Roche vitamins division.

DSM is to pay EUR 300 M less for Roche's vitamins division because the slowdown in economic growth has had an adverse effect on the vitamins market. The price of the transaction is now EUR 1.95 bn. Roche has attributed the reduced payment to the falling strength of the dollar relative to the Swiss franc. With the purchase of the vitamins division DSM will complete its transformation from a traditional chemical company to a fine chemicals specialist. DSM will become the market leader in vitamins and carotenoids. In 2001 the Roche division reported a turnover of EUR 2.4 bn. DSM will pay for the acquisition with the income from the sale of its petrochemical division to Sabic. The transaction should be completed in spring 2003.

May 1, 2003 Dow Jones

EU Delays Decision On DSM's Purchase Of Roche Operations

The European Commission said Wednesday that it has delayed a decision by two weeks on clearing Dutch chemical company DSM NV's planned acquisition of Roche Holding AG's vitamin and fine chemical operations.

Such a delay usually is meant to give companies time to offer sell-offs or other concessions.
A DSM spokesperson couldn't immediately comment.
A decision will now be made May 20.

Roche said last year that it would sell the businesses to DSM in a deal now worth EUR1.95 billion.
DSM is buying the operations as part of its strategy to transform itself into a high-margin specialty-chemicals business from a company that used to be far more vulnerable to cyclical downturns.
The acquisition will add food, animal feed and health-product supplements to DSM's portfolio.

2004/1/14 DSM

ロシュ・ビタミン・ジャパン株式会社は、新社名「DSM ニュートリションジャパン 株式会社」で、日本市場におけるさらなるビジネス展開を推進

 オランダのスペシャリティ・ケミカル・カンパニーであるDSM N.V. (本社:オランダ ヘーレン市、会長:ピーター・エルバディング、以下 DSM)は、DSMによる

DSM ニュートリションジャパン株式会社」(DSM Nutrition Japan K.K. 以下 DSMニュートリション ジャパン)に社名変更し、DSMの日本市場におけるライフサイエンス事業の中核を担う組織として、引き続き高品質な製品の開発と製造に努めてまいります。

 2002年9月に発表したDSMによるロシュ社のビタミン・ファインケミカル事業の統合は、欧州および米国の監督機関の承認を経て、2003年10月1日に買収金額17億5,000万ユーロで完了し、「DSMニュートリショナル・プロダクツ」(DSM Nutritional Products)の新社名でグローバル展開することを明らかにしています。最高経営責任者(CEO)にはフェイケ・シーベスマ(Feike Sijbesma)、最高執行責任者(COO)にはボブ・ハートマイヤー(Bob Hartmayer)が就任し、DSMの最も重要なビジネスセグメントであるライフサイエンス製品事業における一ビジネスグループとして独立した経営を行ないます。


 DSM ニュートリション ジャパンは、ビタミン、カロテノイド、飼料用酵素および プレミックスのトップサプライヤーです。また、ビタミン分野におけるマーケットリーダーとして、他にはない充実した開発支援サービスや情報を日本のお客様に提供してきました。今後は、同社がこれまで培ってきたマーケティング力および製品開発力と、柔軟性に優れたDSMの事業運営力とバイオ技術をあわせて、より一層日本市場に根ざした質の高い製品とサービスの提供を目指します。

 なお、今回の日本国内における事業統合および社名変更によるDSM ニュートリションジャパンの組織体制および人事等の変更はありません。

 また、日本におけるDSMの子会社は、ディー・エス・エム ジャパン株式会社(本社:東京都港区、代表取締役社長:ボルカー・ガイヤー)およびディーエスエム ジャパン エンジニアリング プラスチックス株式会社(本社:東京都港区、代表取締役社長:ルローフ・ベスタービーク)に、新たにDSM ニュートリション ジャパンが加わり、合計3社となります。

● DSMについて

● DSMニュートリショナル・プロダクツについて

2004/11/24 DSM

Royal DSM N.V. intends to participate in North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation

Today, Royal DSM N.V., headquartered in Heerlen, The Netherlands, confirmed that it is engaged in discussions with North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (NCPC) of Shijiazhuang石家庄, Hebei Province河北省, Peoples Republic of China, regarding a strategic partnership via a.o. participation in the equity ownership of North China Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. (NCPC Ltd.), a company which is listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. DSMs equity participation in NCPC Ltd. is related to the establishment of joint ventures in the area of vitamins and anti-biotic products.

According to the agreement signed between NCPC and DSM on November 22, 2004, DSM intends to contribute USD 25 million, which equals to RMB 206,602,500 at the exchange rate of USD 1 to RMB 8.2641 on November 11, 2004, to acquire 58,197,887 state-owned shares of NCPC Ltd. held by NCPC at the price of RMB 3.55/share.

Definitive agreements, detailing the various transactions, have yet to be worked out and such agreements will require the approvals of several internal and external parties. DSM believes that the yet unknown time schedule of the regulatory approvals for all of the anticipated arrangements will determine the schedule for completing the planned transactions.

NCPC, together with its affiliates, is one of the largest vitamins and antibiotics manufacturers in the Peoples Republic of China, originally established in 1953 in Hebei Province. NCPC comprises 28 controlled subsidiaries, 12 associated companies, and an additional 20 indirectly controlled subsidiaries. Total 2003 group revenues of NCPC are approximately RMB 7 billion (EUR 700 million).

2005/9/8 DSM

DSM opens R&D Center in China

DSM, the world-leading supplier of life science and nutritional products, performance materials and industrial chemicals, today opened its first Research & Development (R&D) Center in China. The center is located in Shanghai.

DSM R&D Center China will be the company's main R&D base in the country and will form a vital part of DSM's global R&D network. In addition to carrying out product and applications development work, the center will support DSM's businesses in several other ways: by tracking market trends, by proactively responding to the needs of customers, and through interaction with the external know-how infrastructure, such as partners in universities, scientific research institutes and industry. DSM Nutritional Products, DSM Food Specialties and DSM NeoResins will be the first three DSM businesses to operate facilities at this R&D Center.

"DSM began its first phase of long-term growth in China through technology licensing activities in the 1960s. For the past decade DSM has made significant investments in the country the second phase of long-term growth. Today, with the opening of the DSM R&D Center China, DSM begins its third phase ," said Mr. Jan Zuidam, Deputy Chairman of DSM's Managing Board of Directors. "Establishing this R&D footprint in China gives us the opportunity to integrate better with China's science and technology community and to get embedded into the Chinese business value chain."

DSM has always maintained a strong emphasis on innovation. Throughout its century-long history of transformation and business expansion, innovation, in which R&D plays a crucial role, has been and will stay a top priority. Total R&D expenditures in 2004 amounted to EUR 286 million, around 4% of net sales. Worldwide, DSM has approximately 2,000 R&D staff organized around a range of competences at the forefront of technology. Consequently, DSM enjoys a competitive technological advantage in fields as varied as nutritional science, biotechnology and materials science. This helps DSM achieve innovations that improve people's lives.

DSM also works closely with some of the world's most innovative R&D partners, exchanging scientific and technological knowledge with some 2,000 university departments worldwide. DSM currently owns 13,000 patents, covering 2,500 individual inventions; some 250 patent filings take place every year.

In China, DSM is very active in seeking partnerships with research institutions to develop products and solutions that meet the needs of Chinese customers. The company's various R&D units already have contacts with several leading Chinese universities. DSM and Fudan University's joint lab will open later this month. The partnership will give the renowned Chinese institution the financial, technological, manufacturing and management support needed to exploit innovations to the fullest.

Fudan University (復旦大学), founded in 1905 in Shanghai, is one of the leading universities in China

2005/9/30 DSM

DSM sells styrene-butadiene rubber business to Lion Chemical Capital LLC

DSM and Lion Chemical Capital LLC today announce the agreement on the sale of the DSM business unit SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) to Lion Chemical Capital LLC. The transaction will take the form of an asset deal.

The sale is a result of DSM
s corporate strategy, Vision 2005: Focus & Value, which has transformed the company into a specialty company focusing on life science products and performance materials over the last few years. As a consequence, the SBR business no longer fits into DSM's portfolio.

Lion Chemical Capital is pleased to have reached agreement on acquiring DSM SBR. Lion is committed to providing high quality products and exceptional service to its customers and plans to grow the business in the near future. It recognizes the dedicated workforce at the site and is determined to promote a safe and environmentally responsible workplace.

Throughout the selling process we focused on finding a partner that recognizes and believes in the potential of the SBR business activities, and more specifically of our SBR plant in Baton Rougesays Henk-Jan Koenen, President of DSM Copolymer Inc. The future interests of all stakeholders in the business are secured by the transaction of our SBR unit to Lion.

DSM and Lion Chemical Capital LLC expect to close the transaction in Q4 2005, subject to regulatory and legal approvals.

Lion Chemical Capital
Lion Chemical Capital is a private equity firm focused on investing in premier businesses operating in the chemical and related industries. Lion leverages its founders' extensive experience in the chemical industry, executive management, private equity and investment banking. Target investments are highly selective and possess key attributes such as market and technological leadership and strong management.

In 2004,
Lion acquired the largest independent rubber compounding business in North America from PolyOne Corporation. The business, Excel Polymers, has over USD 400 million in revenues and includes eight plants located in the US, Mexico, U.K. and China. Excel Polymers provides effective solutions to both high volume and the most challenging technical rubber applications. The businesses will be operated as independent operations.

DSM SBR is a business unit of DSM Copolymer Inc., based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. DSM SBR is a manufacturer of synthetic rubber, primarily SBR. SBR is the most widely used type of synthetic rubber in the world, and its largest use being in the manufacture of tires. Other applications for SBR include conveyor belts, vibration dampers, and footwear. Throughout its more than 60-year history, the SBR plant in Baton Rouge has been known as a dedicated and quality supplier.

2005/10/18 DSM

DSM acquires Chinese resins producer Syntech

Dutch specialty chemicals company Royal DSM N.V. today acquired Syntech, a producer and marketer of coating resins. Syntech has annual sales of around USD 30 million, generated with a broad portfolio of coating resins. The acquisition of Syntech further strengthens DSM's liquid coating resins portfolio and will enable DSM to further accelerate the expansion of its activities in the Chinese market.

The acquisition will be cash earnings per share enhancing as of year one.

The coating resins market in China is growing rapidly and Syntech has a leading position in the industry. Its flexible and modern production platform can be quickly adapted to expand production capacity. Syntech's activities are concentrated at one location in
Shunde (Guangdong province 広東省順徳). The site includes production facilities, self-owned R&D laboratories and a pilot plant for product development. The company's sales force is of a high quality and covers all relevant areas in China.

Peter Elverding, chairman of DSM's Managing Board of Directors, gave the following comment: "The acquisition of Syntech is the first step in the context of DSM's new strategy Vision 2010 - Building on Strengths. It serves two key strategic targets: growing our resins portfolio in the Performance Materials cluster and expanding our presence in the emerging China market. The acquisition provides an accelerated growth path into the Chinese coating resins market, from which our new and existing customers will benefit ."

DSM Coating Resins is rapidly growing its leading position in all coating resins markets. The acquisition of Syntech follows the takeover of NeoResins (now DSM NeoResins) in February of this year and will enable DSM to become one of the leading industrial coating resins suppliers in China.

2006/4/18 DSM

DSM to double capacity for engineering plastics in China

Royal DSM N.V. today announces the opening of its new compounding site for engineering plastics at Jiangyin in the Jiangsu province of China on April 26, 2006. This project will double the total capacity for the product lines Stanyl(R) PA46, Akulon(R) PA6 and Arnite(R) PBT. These materials are used in manufacturing key molded components for the automotive, electrical and electronics, consumer and industrial segments.

DSM has continued its solid growth in China during the last decade by offering innovative, value-added application solutions to its customers. The new manufacturing facility illustrates DSM
s long term commitment to the Chinese market. It provides the Chinese customers with local access to DSMs global technology, and will further improve customer service levels.

The new manufacturing facility uses leading edge compounding technology and is fully equipped with best-in-class safety, health and environment compliance systems. This new facility will meet the growing local demand of the Chinese market and serve as a prime sourcing base for the Asia Pacific region. The facility design allows for additional capacity expansion to accommodate further growth in demand in the future.

We have managed to develop and grow our business in China very fast over recent years. This project is an important new step in the context of DSMs strategy Vision 2010 ? Building on Strengths. It serves two key strategic targets: market-driven growth and innovation in the Performance Materials cluster and expanding our presence in the emerging China market .comments Nico Gerardu, member of the Managing Board of DSM N.V.

The project includes the expansion of DSM Engineering Plastics
Regional Development Service Center. This will further enhance DSMs capability to offer technical and design support to its customers, specifically in China and within the region.

About DSM Engineering Plastics
DSM Engineering Plastics is a business group forming part of DSM's Performance Materials cluster. DSM Engineering Plastics is a global supplier of Stanyl PA46 and Akulon(R) 6 and 66 polyamides, Arnitel(R) TPE-E, Arnite(R) PBT and PET polyesters, Xantar(R) polycarbonate, Yparex(R) extrudable adhesive resins, and Stamylan(R) UH Ultra High Molecular Weight PE. These materials are used in technical components for electrical appliances, electronic equipment and cars, in barrier packaging films as well as in many mechanical and extrusion applications. The business group had annual sales of EUR 705 million in 2005. With Stanyl, it is the global market leader in high-heat polyamides.

2006/9/8 DSM

DSM to build two new engineering plastic plants at Chemelot site, Geleen (NL)

Royal DSM N.V. today announces that it has decided to construct two new manufacturing facilities at its Chemelot site in Geleen, the Netherlands. DSM is making these investments in response to excellent market growth for two of the company
s top specialty products, Stanyl(R) polyamide 46 and Stamylan(R) UH ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is used among other things as a raw material for Dyneema(R) high strength fibers. The new Stanyl(R) plant and the new Stamylan(R) facility, which will each double existing production capacity, are scheduled to come on line in 2008. The total investment will be around EUR 100 million.

The high performance material Stanyl is used in a variety of applications, such as automotive, cell phones, computers and personal electronics. In addition, there is rapid growth in new, innovative applications such as fine pitch connectors for LCDs, reflector packages for LEDs, and gears in all kind of applications, for example seat recliners and starter motors. Stamylan UH is used as a high strength, wear-resistant engineering plastic in industrial, sports and other applications and in Dyneema, the world
s strongest fiber. This new investment will secure supply to DSM's growing Dyneema fiber business and will make it possible to meet the sourcing requirements of other customers.

These investments are another major step in the context of DSMs strategy Vision 2010 - Building on Strengths,says Nico Gerardu, member of DSMs Managing Board. They will fuel the profitable growth of our specialty performance materials Stanyl, Stamylan UH and Dyneema and build on our strengths in marketing and application development of these products.

DSM is the sole worldwide producer of polyamide 46. With the new Stanyl plant, DSM will operate two Stanyl plants at the Chemelot site in Geleen to supply Stanyl base resin worldwide to DSMs operations in Europe, USA, Japan and, most recently, China.

Production of Stanyl base resin is supported by our ability to manufacture our own high-purity diaminobutane,commented Jos Goessens, President of DSM Engineering Plastics. Diaminobutane is the key monomer in the production of Stanyl. DSM has also decided to start the basic engineering to debottleneck the diaminobutane plant in Geleen, to match the increased production capacity for Stanyl. With the second Stanyl facility and the capacity expansion for diaminobutane, we can secure the supply of Stanyl to support the excellent growth of our customers worldwide in the years ahead ,added Goessens.

The fact that DSM is making these major investments at the Chemelot site in Geleen, its biggest and oldest manufacturing site, shows the competitive power of this site and also demonstrates DSMs commitment to it. These investments will give another boost to our site and to the economic growth of the region,commented Frans Pistorius, President of DSM Nederland.

Stanyl, the highest performance polyamide in the world, is a unique, high-crystallinity material that exhibits exceptional heat resistance, stiffness and strength, chemical resistance and processability. In addition, it has a low coefficient of friction and resists creep and deformation. Automotive applications of Stanyl include chain tensioners, engine covers, gears, sensors and clutch rings. Electrical applications include connectors, circuit breaker housings, microswitches, electric motor parts, and a variety of components for consumer electronics. Consumer applications include muffler covers for gas operated tools, water kettle components including safety switches, and a variety of other hand and power tool components.

Stamylan UH
Stamylan UH is a very high molecular weight polyethylene that exhibits excellent toughness and resistance to abrasion, outstanding chemical resistance and good low friction, non-stick characteristics. It is widely used for wear-resistant components in industrial, bulk materials handling and sports equipment as well as in ultra-strong fibers.

Dyneema is a super strong polyethylene fiber that offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight. It is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than aramid fibers, both on a weight-for-weight basis. Dyneema is an important component in marine and offshore ropes, in cables and nets, in safety gloves for the metalworking industry and in fine yarns for applications in sporting goods and the medical sector. In addition, Dyneema is used in bullet resistant armor and clothing for police and military personnel.

DSM Engineering Plastics
DSM Engineering Plastics is a business group forming part of DSM
s Performance Materials cluster. DSM Engineering Plastics is a global supplier of Stanyl PA 46 and Akulon 6 and 66 polyamides, Arnitel TPE-E, Arnite PBT and PET polyesters, Xantar polycarbonate, Yparex extrudable adhesive resins, and Stamylan UH Ultra High Molecular Weight PE. These materials are used in technical components for electrical appliances, electronic equipment and cars, in barrier packaging films as well as in many mechanical and extrusion applications. The business group had annual sales of EUR 705 million in 2005. It employs 1400 people worldwide and has eight production locations in Europe, the USA and Asia. With StanylR, it is the global market leader in high heat polyamides.

2007/9/14 DSM

DSM starts initiative to extend its material portfolio for the orthopedic industry

Royal DSM N.V. today announces the start of an initiative to enter the market of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) for use in total joint arthroplasty 関節形成 and other medical devices. In the coming years DSM Biomedical will make significant investments in a research and development program focused on UHMWPE grades with optimized material properties, specifically aimed at currently unmet clinical needs in this orthopedic 整形外科 segment. This strategic material development links on to DSMs activities in the Biomedical Emerging Business Area, which is an important element of DSMs strategy Vision 2010 - Building on Strengths.


In the medical industry UHMWPE is used as a bearing material for joint arthroplasty. The material is applied in for example artificial hips, knees, as well as in shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles and spinal disks. These devices require bearing materials that are strong, have a high resistance against abrasion and are of the highest purity levels, necessary for the application inside human bodies. As a result of the aging population and other demographic factors such as growing obesity problems, the market for orthopedic devices including artificial joints is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry. DSM is already active in the orthopedic market with Dyneema Purity®, a fiber technology which was developed specially to obtain the required highest levels of quality and purity in medical applications, such as orthopedic implants.

Although DSM currently already is one of the major suppliers of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, supplied under the trade name Stamylan® UH, DSMs UHMWPE is not applied in arthroplasty applications yet. Our experience in the orthopedic market together with our position as a leading supplier of UHMWPE and our R&D competences in materials science give DSM an ideal starting point to develop dedicated materials for various demanding applications in this growing segment,says Steve Hartig, Vice President of DSM Biomedical. This development is in line with our strategic intent to develop a portfolio of biomedical products with which we can address the medical needs of the future .

About DSM Biomedical
To meet the upcoming needs of the medical and biotech industries, DSM Biomedical builds on the expertise and strengths of DSM in polymers, coating technology, materials science and life sciences. DSM
s current biomedical portfolio includes hydrophilic coating technology for catheters, guidewires and stent delivery systems and Dyneema Purity®, a specially developed, high performance polyethylene fiber technology, which has been developed specifically for use in medical applications, such as orthopedic implants. Furthermore DSM Biomedical is focusing on developing materials and systems around implantable devices for the musculoskeletal and vascular systems and drug delivery devices in musculoskeletal, vascular and ophthalmic application areas. Through DSM Venturing, DSM Biomedical has equity stakes in several companies focusing on key areas of the biomedical market. These include Oxford Performance Materials Inc. (OPM) and Xylos Corporation (Xylos). OPM develops and commercializes implantable grades of polyether ketone ketone (PEKK), a polymer which belongs to a family of engineering plastics whose mechanical properties are much closer to the properties of human bones than those of the metals that are often used in bone replacements. Xylos is a medical device company dedicated to delivering superior biomaterials solutions for the treatment, repair and replacement of human tissue. Based on its proprietary and versatile biocellulose technology, Xylos is developing a series of innovative products for musculoskeletal repair that eliminate the risks and limitations associated with human and animal-derived materials. For more information, visit www.dsmbiomedical.com.

2007/11/6 DSM

DSM to increase engineering plastics compounding capacity in China by 50%

Royal DSM N.V. today announces that it will expand its engineering plastics compounding capacity at the site in Jiangyin 江陰(China). The investment will increase the capacity of the compounding plant by 50% and the added capacity will be operational towards the end of 2008. This comes as an enhancement to DSMs existing capacity, which was doubled in 2006 with the opening of this new greenfield site.

This site is the main production hub for our engineering plastics business in Asia. Demand from our customers both in China and the rest of Asia has been growing rapidly and the planned increase will meet that demand for the next few years. Also, this expansion is perfectly in line with the acceleration of DSMs Vision 2010 strategy and our ambitious growth targets in the emerging economies such as China and India,said Nico Gerardu, member of DSMs Managing Board and responsible for the Performance Materials cluster.

DSM opened its greenfield compounding plant for engineering plastics in Jiangyin in 2006 and is currently building a world-scale polyamide 6 polymerization plant at the same site, which will start production in 2008. At the Jiangyin site DSM manufactures Stanyl®, a high performance polyamide (PA46), Akulon® PA6, Arnite® PBT and PET, and Arnitel® TPE, which it supplies to customers throughout Asia in the automotive, electrical/electronics and manufacturing industries. The Jiangyin site also houses a Research and Development Center for engineering plastics, from which DSM supports customer developments throughout the region.

This is a further investment in our operations in Jiangyin, where we have now been for over ten years. It shows our confidence in the location, its infrastructure and the quality of our people. We will be using cutting-edge equipment and technology that together with our renowned quality processes will enable us to provide our customers with the high-quality products they have come to expect from us. Needless to say, safety and environmental standards will continue to be our top priority,commented Roelof Westerbeek, President DSM Engineering Plastics Asia Pacific.

2007/12/20 DSM

DSM invests in greenpolymers from CO2

DSM Venturing, the corporate venturing unit of Royal DSM N.V., today announced that it has made an investment in Novomer Inc. The companies also plan to sign a cooperation agreement. Financial details of the investment will not be disclosed.

Novomer is developing a technology platform to use carbon dioxide and other renewable materials to produce performance polymers, plastics and other chemicals. The companys products combine environmental benefits with improved materials performance and can be used in a range of applications, from injection molded parts for electronics to paper coatings and medical implants.

DSM Venturing joins Flagship Ventures and Physic Ventures in this financing round. In addition to the investment DSM and Novomer also intend to sign a cooperation agreement. Both the investment and cooperation agreement will support DSMs ambitions to develop bio-based performance polymers to meet customersgrowing needs for improved materials performance and environmental benefits at competitive costs.

Furthermore, the cooperation is in line in with DSMs increased focus on exploiting synergy between its Life Sciences and Material Sciences activities. The investment in Novomer is the 8th in 2007 for DSM Venturing. In the recent review of Vision 2010, DSM announced that the budget for venturing has been increased to up to EUR 200 million over the period until 2012.

Novomers catalyst technology enables the production of polymeric materials from renewable feedstocks with decreased reliance on fossil fuels. Their use of feedstocks such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide combined with the precision and reliability of synthetic manufacturing processes, is expected to enable the cost-effective manufacture of bio-based building blocks, polymers, compounds and formulations.

Babette Pettersen, Vice President New Business Development for DSMs Performance Materials cluster: Novomers synthetic catalyst chemistry approach to manufacturing offers great promise for DSM to build on our strengths in both Material Sciences and Life Sciences to accelerate the development of customized, cost-effective bio-based performance materials. The cooperation with Novomer offers DSM a valuable partnership for further developments in the field, which will be broadly applicable to both existing and potential new DSM businesses.

Our relationship with DSM Venturing represents an important validation of Novomers technology. DSM gives us a major partner in the chemical industry with critical expertise in high-volume production and access to global markets,said Charles Hamilton, president of Novomer. In addition, our organizations share a real commitment to sustainability and innovative technology.

DSM Venturing
DSM Venturing is an active investor in companies and venture capital funds in DSM
s strategic growth fields Nutrition, Pharma and Performance Materials. DSM Venturing's mission is to explore emerging markets and technologies in these strategic growth fields in order to enhance DSM's product portfolio and create value. DSM Venturing also plays an active role in the development of several new DSM business opportunities in the so-called emerging business areas Biomedical, Industrial (White) Biotechnology, Specialty Packaging and Personalized Nutrition. For more information about DSM Venturing see www.dsm venturing.com.

About Novomer
Novomer is a new materials company pioneering a family of low-cost, high-performance, green plastics, polymers and other chemicals. Founded in 2004 by technology commercialization firm KensaGroup, Dr. Geoffrey Coates and Dr. Scott Allen, the company is based on pioneering catalysts developed at Cornell University. Novomer's groundbreaking technology allows carbon dioxide and other renewable materials to be cost-effectively transformed into polymers, plastics and other chemicals for a wide variety of industrial markets. Novomer, based in Ithaca, New York, has been highlighted by the BBC, CNN, Dow Jones, Forbes, the New York Times and WIRED. For more information, visit

2008/3/8 DSM

DSM to sell Special Products to Arsenal Capital as first divestment following accelerated Vision 2010

Royal DSM N.V., the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands, has reached an agreement in principle with Arsenal Capital Partners (United States) on the sale of DSM Special Products BV. It is the first divestment following the accelerated Vision 2010 strategy. The transaction is expected to close in early Q2 2008, subject to regulatory and legal approvals.

DSM expects to realize a net book profit after tax of just above EUR 10 million on the sale, which will be reported as an exceptional item in the income statement. In 2007 the business unit realized sales of EUR 101 million and a slight operating profit.

The sale is a result of the acceleration of DSMs transformation into a Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company. As outlined in the strategic program Vision 2010 - Building on Strengths a number of businesses which do not fit in the strategy, including DSM Special Products, will be divested.

DSM Special Products is the producer of Purox, an ingredient used in food as well as in a range of industrial applications. It also produces an ingredient for VevoVitall®, a product for the animal health market that will remain with DSM Nutritional Products. The supply of this ingredient for VevoVitall® to DSM Nutritional Products will not be affected due to an existing long-term supply agreement. DSM Special Products employs 126 people in Rotterdam and Sittard (Netherlands). They will all transfer to the new owner.
     Benzoic Acid 安息香酸(Purox B), Sodium Benzoate (Purox S)

Jan Zuidam, deputy chairman of the Managing Board of DSM and responsible for DSM Special Products, commented: We are very pleased with the result of this first sale in the divestment programme of our accelerated Vision 2010 strategy. I am convinced that the business will continue to prosper under new ownership with which there is a better strategic fit. I wish to thank all DSM Special Products employees for their continued support and hard work and wish them all the best for the future.

John Televantos, Principal at Arsenal Capital said: This acquisition of DSM Special Products is an excellent fit with our investment strategy in the Specialty Chemicals sector to acquire mid-size, niche market leaders in higher growth sectors that are supported by strong management teams. The acquisition will provide an excellent platform for growth through future investments planned for the Rotterdam site including a new manufacturing facility for di-benzoate esters and incremental capacity improvements to ensure our customers will have reliable supply of high quality products to meet their growing future needs. We are extremely pleased to have DSM Special Products as part of the Arsenal portfolio.

The transaction is subject to various external approvals and will be submitted to the works councils according to the usual procedures.

Arsenal Capital Partners
Arsenal Capital Partners is a New York-based private equity firm that makes investments in specialty industrial, healthcare and financial services companies. Arsenal makes investments in sectors where the firm has prior knowledge and experience, and targets businesses that have the potential for further value creation by working closely with management to accelerate growth and leverage the firm
s operational improvement capabilities. Arsenal currently has $800 million of committed equity capital under management. For additional information on Arsenal Capital Partners, please visit www.arsenalcapital.com.

2008/4/17 DSM

DSM announces plans for largest investment program ever for Dyneema®
Program will increase Dyneema® Life Protection capacity over next 2-3 years

Royal DSM N.V., the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands, today announces plans for a substantial capital expenditure program, expected to involve up to USD 450 million. This will increase production capacity in its Dyneema® business, enabling DSM to capitalize on expected continuous growth in demand in the United States for the worlds strongest fiber. DSM Dyneemas sales have grown by more than 15% per year in recent years and DSM expects the business group to accelerate its growth path.

Engineering studies have now commenced for the planned investment program, which is expected to involve several phases of implementation over the next 2-3 years. The expansion is expected to result in a significant increase in DSMs US production capacity for the Life Protection market and will also include new breakthrough technology for ballistic and other applications. This will be the largest investment program since the start of large-scale production of Dyneema®.

This planned capital expenditure program is another step in a series of significant investments DSM has made in its Dyneema® business in recent years. In October 2007 a 25% increase in production capacity in the US Life Protection business was announced. More recently, in March 2008 DSM welcomed the start-up of its latest Dyneema® fiber production line in Greenville (North Carolina). The first additional line of this new multi-stage investment program is expected to be operational in 2009. The majority of the investments are likely to be in the United States.

This milestone investment program shows DSMs commitment to performance materials that help provide safety and protection for people worldwide,said Feike Sijbesma, Chairman of the DSM Managing Board. This program shows we are focused on market-driven growth and innovation, one of the key pillars of DSMs strategy, Vision 2010 - Building on Strengths.

With this investment program we underscore our commitment to supporting our customers in the US market through continuous growth and innovation,said Nico Gerardu, member of DSMs Managing Board and responsible for the Performance Materials cluster.

We are proud that our lightweight, tough Dyneema® is increasingly being used by customers in the highly demanding Life Protection market in applications for vehicle and personal protection. DSM continues to expand its global capacity of Dyneema®, the worlds strongest fiber, to maintain its world leadership position,said Christophe Dardel, Business Group Director of DSM Dyneema.

2008/9/3 DSM

DSM inaugurates Akulon® PA6 polymer plant in China

Royal DSM N.V., the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands, today announces the inauguration of its new polymer plant in Jiangyin (Jiangsu province, China) 江蘇省江陰市. The plant produces high viscosity grades of Akulon® polyamide 6 (PA6) aimed at the fast growing high end food packaging market in Asia. Construction of the plant, which was announced in September 2006, involved several tens of millions of USD.

Mr. Zhu Min Yang, Secretary to the Communist Party Committee of Jiangyin City, as well as other government officials and guests, attended the ceremony along with Jos Goessens, President of DSM Engineering Plastics, Jiang Wei Ming, President of DSM China, and other senior members of DSM Engineering Plastics Asia Pacific.

China is very important in DSMs strategy Vision 2010 ? Building on Strengths. It is one of the key growth countries where significant investments are being made and in 2007 DSM raised its sales target for China in 2010 from USD 1.0 billion to USD 1.5 billion. This first Akulon® PA6 polymerization plant for DSM in China significantly supports the increasing demand for polyamide 6 in the region, and also contributes to the development of the fast growing food packaging industry in China and Asia-Pacific.

Jiangyin has been the main production site for DSM Engineering Plastics in Asia for the past ten years. As demand from customers in both China and the rest of Asia has grown rapidly in recent years, DSM announced in November 2007 to expand the engineering plastics compounding capacity by 50%. This increase is to be operational towards the end of 2008. DSM also operates a Regional Development & Support Center at the Jiangyin site.

The new plant for Akulon® PA6 uses leading technology and is equipped with best-in-class safety, health and environment compliance systems. The facility design allows for additional capacity expansion to accommodate further growth in demand in the future. This new polymer facility makes DSM the only company to produce the entire PA6 chain, including caprolactam, polymer and compounded products in China.

Roelof Westerbeek, President of DSM Engineering Plastics Asia Pacific, said: This polymerization plant shows our commitment to China. It brings global technology to the country and offers service levels in China that are expected by our customers. This plant reaffirms our strong confidence in China and it helps achieve DSMs ambitious growth targets in this country.

Jos Goessens, President of DSM Engineering Plastics, added: Jiangyin has provided us with highly educated, motivated and talented people, as well as its long history as an industrial base and logistic centre including the support of the local government agencies. The depth of talent in this area has been shown by the exemplary way that the project has been executed, with a highly commendable safety record, and good plant start up. We are very confident that DSM will continue to grow in the Yangzi Delta region and all of China, as a key supplier to producers of high value added products in food packaging and molded products industries.

Akulon® Polyamide 6 (PA6) is a thermoplastic with outstanding mechanical properties over a wide temperature range used in various every day applications such as automotive, luggage, sports, electronics, packaging films, lighting and furniture. Caprolactam, produced by DSM Polymer Intermediates, is the raw material for PA6, which gives DSM a unique position as an integrated producer of the material. As a replacement of metal in various applications, Akulon® PA6 can offer weight reduction to for instance the automotive industry, resulting in fewer CO2-emissions.

DSM Engineering Plastics
DSM Engineering Plastics is a Business Group in the Performance Materials cluster of DSM, with sales in 2007 of EUR 839 million and approximately 1,550 employees worldwide. It is one of the world's leading suppliers of engineering thermoplastics offering a broad portfolio of high performance products including Stanyl
® high performance polyamide and Akulon® 6 and 66 polyamides, Arnitel® TPE-E, Arnite® PBT and PET polyesters, Xantar® polycarbonate, Yparex® extrudable adhesive resins. These materials are used in technical components for electrical appliances, electronic equipment and cars, in barrier packaging films as well as in many mechanical and extrusion applications. With Stanyl®, it is the global market leader in high heat polyamides.

2009/3/19 DSM

DSM and NCPC sign contracts to establish nutrition and anti-infectives joint ventures in China

Royal DSM N.V., the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands, North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation Ltd. (NCPC GroupCo) of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, People
s Republic of China, NCPC ListCo, the listed affiliate of NCPC and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) of Hebei Province today announce that they have signed the contracts regarding investment by DSM in NCPC GroupCo and the establishment of three joint ventures in the areas of nutritional products and anti-infectives.

These contracts are the follow-up to the announcements made at the end of 2004 and the further detailing of the agreement in late 2005. DSM will make a strategic investment in NCPC by obtaining
a minority share (9.77%) in NCPC GroupCo. Parties will establish one nutrition production joint venture (Vitamin C) and two anti-infectives抗感染薬 business joint ventures (anti-infectives active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates). In the two anti-infectives joint ventures DSM will have a 51% interest. In the Nutrition production joint venture, DSM will hold a minority share of 30%.

The total cash investment by DSM following completion, will amount to approximately
USD 110 million. In addition, DSM will with this investment leverage its technology and management capabilities. NCPC will bring into the joint ventures their existing factories, producing Vitamin C and beta lactam antibiotics, as well as their marketing and sales force for antibiotics, which is in particular geared toward the fast growing domestic markets in China. The combination of capabilities and competencies of DSM and NCPC will lead to the worlds best possible combination of technologies and low cost manufacturing, while securing high quality and benefiting from the global DSM sales network.

Meanwhile, NCPC and DSM will continue working on preparation and securing approval for the establishment of these joint ventures. It is expected that the implementation of the agreements will start somewhere in the second half of 2009. Furthermore, DSM and NCPC are still discussing possible additional projects for cooperation.

Jan Zuidam, DSM
s Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board, comments: This is a major step in the context of DSMs strategy Vision 2010. It serves key strategic targets: strengthening our DSM Nutritional Products as well as our DSM Anti-Infectives portfolio and expanding our presence in the emerging Chinese market. The overall strategic partnership with NCPC provides an accelerated growth path into the Chinese market and will contribute to our target of USD 1.5 billion sales in China in 2010.

North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (NCPC) is one of the largest vitamin and antibiotics manufacturers in People
s Republic of China. NCPC is originally started in 1953 in the Hebei Province and now has eight production technology platforms including microbian pharmaceutical, chemical synthesis pharmaceutical, biochemical pharmaceutical, modern biotech pharmaceutical, natural drug extraction, nutritional healthcare products, bio-energy and biochemicals. In 2007, NCPC achieved sales revenue of RMB 6.42 billion.

DSM in China
DSM began trading with China in 1963. Today, DSM has invested in China for over a decade. DSM is currently involved in 9 joint ventures, 16 wholly-owned foreign enterprises companies in China that employ nearly 4,000 people. DSM
s business is growing steadily in China with revenue in 2008 of more than USD 1.1 billion. More information: www.dsm.com.cn.


DSM to sell DSM Energy to TAQA

Royal DSM N.V., the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands, announces today that it has reached an agreement with TAQA Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC for the sale of DSM Energie Holding B.V. (DSM Energy) for an enterprise value of EUR 285 million. The intended sale is expected to close in Q3 2009, subject to regulatory approvals and notifications.

The disposal consists of the participations which DSM has in oil and gas exploration and pipelines, including the 40% participation in Noordgastransport.

DSM expects to realize a book profit of approximately EUR 275 million after tax on the sale. This profit will be reported as an exceptional item in the income statement at closing. DSM Energy realized net sales of EUR 161 million in 2008.

Rolf-Dieter Schwalb, Chief Financial Officer of Royal DSM gave the following comment:
The intended sale of the energy business is another important step in DSMs accelerated transformation towards a Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company. As stated before, in such a company there is no place for participations in oil and gas exploration and pipelines. These participations have a much better strategic fit with TAQA. I would like to thank all DSM Energy employees for their continued support and substantial contribution.

In September 2007 DSM announced that as a result of the accelerated strategic shift towards Life Sciences and Materials Sciences, a number of businesses which do not fit in with the strategy would be carved out and divested. DSMs participations in oil and gas exploration and pipelines are part of these businesses.

DSM Energy participates in the exploration and production of oil and gas on the Dutch Continental Shelf. DSM participates as non-operator with a stake of up to 25% in the oil and gas joint ventures and owns interests in pipelines, including its 40% stake in Noordgastransport.

DSM Energy has a share in twenty producing oil and gas fields and participates in a number of gas field developments. All fields are located in 25 production licenses. In its strategy, DSM had chosen not to make any further investment and to dispose of its oil and gas interests. Total production in 2008 was the equivalent of 1.8 million barrels of oil. The intended sale includes transfer of all the decommissioning liabilities.

Noordgastransport transports gas produced offshore through a system of pipelines from gas fields in the North Sea to a processing plant in Uithuizen in the north of the Netherlands. Here, the gas is treated so that it matches customers
specifications, before being delivered to these customers.

TAQA Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC is a global energy company with 2008 revenue of more than AED 16 billion (US$ 4.4 billion). TAQA is a flagship corporation for the Government of Abu Dhabi. In the Netherlands, TAQA acquired BP Netherlands
gas exploration and production assets including onshore, offshore and storage facilities in 2007, located in the Dutch Continental Shelf of the North Sea and in the region of Alkmaar in the North Western part of the Netherlands.

The intended sale is dependent on regulatory approvals and notifications and will be submitted to the works councils according to the usual procedures. DSM Energy employs 6 people. They will all transfer to the new owner.


DSM to sell urea-licensing business to Maire Tecnimont

Royal DSM N.V., the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands, and
Maire Tecnimont S.p.A., a leading international engineering and construction group headquartered in Italy, announce today that they have reached an agreement for the sale of DSMs urea-licensing subsidiary Stamicarbon B.V. to Maire Tecnimont for a total consideration of EUR 38 million on a cash and debt-free basis. The intended sale is expected to close by Q4 2009, subject to regulatory and other customary approvals and notifications.

Stamicarbon, founded in 1947, is the world market leader in licensing urea technology with over 250 licensed urea plants located in over eighty different countries and a leading market share in new capacity. Urea, mainly used as a fertilizer, is produced from ammonia and carbon dioxide. Stamicarbon realized net sales of EUR 57 million in 2008 and an operating profit of EUR 25 million. In 2008 Stamicarbon
s operating profit was exceptionally high as a result of a number of large contracts closed during the year. The average operating profit for Stamicarbon has been approximately EUR 10 million per year over the past four years.

Stamicarbon employs about 50 people in urea licensing, almost all of which are engineers and technical staff. Stamicarbon licenses patented technology and proprietary know-how to existing and prospective urea producers. Its non-urea licensing portfolio has been transferred to a new entity, Knowfort Technologies B.V., and is not part of the intended sale or the 2008 results of Stamicarbon.

Nico Gerardu , member of the Managing Board of Royal DSM, gave the following comment:
The intended sale of the urea-licensing business is an important step in DSMs accelerated transformation towards a Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company. I am convinced that urea licensing has a much better strategic fit with Maire Tecnimont, a leader in project management and contracting. I would like to thank all Stamicarbon employees for their continued support and substantial contribution.

Fabrizio Di Amato, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Maire Tecnimont S.p.A., stated: This acquisition is a major step towards achieving the objectives set out by the Groups strategic guidelines to grow our Engineering, Procurement and Construction services business in selected sectors of the process plant industry. Stamicarbon will operate as a member of the Maire Tecnimont Group, in particular alongside Tecnimont, and will continue to generate licensing revenues and margins as a standalone activity. Contemporaneously, we foresee that Stamicarbon will enlarge our technology portfolio and, working with Tecnimont, enhance our EPC business in the fertilizer sector through synergies in the commercial, technology and operation areas by improving process efficiency and competitiveness.

Stamicarbon brings both excellent technical expertise and technology on which Maire Tecnimont intends to lever its high quality E&C business, primarily through synergies to be realized in combining technology and EPC contracting.

In September 2007 DSM announced that as a result of the accelerated strategic shift towards Life Sciences and Materials Sciences, a number of businesses which do not fit in with the strategy would be carved out and divested. Urea licensing is one of these businesses.

The divestment process for DSM Elastomers, DSM Agro and DSM Melamine is underway. As reported earlier, DSM has slowed down the process in view of the current financial and economic environment but still aims to complete the disposals within the timeframe of its Vision 2010 strategy.

The intended sale is dependent on regulatory and other customary approvals and notifications and will be submitted to the works councils according to the usual procedures in the Netherlands. One day before the closing, all employees in urea-licensing will be transferred to Stamicarbon B.V., the company to be acquired by Maire Tecnimont, in accordance with Dutch regulations.

Maire Tecnimont
Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. is the parent company of an international industrial group which provides a comprehensive, integrated system of services and installations in four sectors: Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Power, Civil Engineering and Infrastructure. The Group has established itself thanks to advanced skills in Project Management and Main Contracting, by implementing complex turnkey projects all over the world, combining high quality and planning standards with a focus on multicultural and environmental issues. The Group, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, with a presence in 24 countries and 4 continents, currently controls 37 operating companies and can rely on a workforce of 4,300 employees, more than half of whom are outside Italy. At 31 December 2008, the Group reported revenues of EUR 2,463 million and net income of EUR 117 million. For more information: www.mairetecnimont.it.

Stamicarbon B.V. is the global market leader in developing and licensing urea technologies and services, delivering optimum environmental performance, safety, reliability and productivity at the lowest investment level. Stamicarbon's services include a unique Full Life Cycle Support service to assist customers throughout the life cycle of a urea plant. Working in close cooperation with licensees, contractors, suppliers and research institutes, the company is constantly developing new processes and upgrading existing technologies.