August 12, 2003 Thesis Chemistry

Thesis Chemistry and Daicel Chemical Industries announce a collaborative business development agreement for chiral process manufacturing

Thesis Chemistry, LLC (Thesis), and Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd. (Daicel), announce a Collaborative Business Development Agreement wherein Daicel's CPI Company will provide custom manufacturing and biotransformation services related to Thesis' third-party projects.

"Our agreement with Daicel fulfills Thesis' commitment to provide our customers with integrated chemical development services supporting pre-clinical to commercial supply of pharmaceutical chemicals," says Dr. John R. Peterson, Chief Executive Officer and President of Thesis Chemistry. "We carefully selected our manufacturing partner so as to complement the offerings of our existing industry partners and to be able to match our customer's project requirements with the broadest spectrum of commercial-scale processing technologies for production of single-handed (chiral) fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Daicel's technologies in organic synthesis, enzymatic biotransformations and chromatographic separations are geared towards the manufacture of chiral pharmaceutical chemicals in quantities up to multi-metric tons."

"Daicel is pleased to partner with Thesis Chemistry and provide its customers with custom manufacturing and development services related to our core technologies for producing chiral pharmaceutical chemicals", says Dr. Takeshi Matsumoto, General Manager, Daicel Chemical Industries, CPI Company. "In particular, we normally rely on SMB chromatography and biotransformations to obtain the best economic and technical solution for a customer's chiral process."

Thesis Chemistry, LLC manages and provides chemical development services to the pharmaceutical, animal health and generic drug industries. The Company links its process development capabilities and familiarity with the regulatory requirements of drug manufacture with the resources of its industry partners for contract supply of developmental quantities of pre-clinical and clinical drugs, custom manufacture of bulk substance and sourcing of raw materials and process intermediates used in the manufacture of drugs. Thesis has established agreements with
Chiral Technologies, Inc. (a subsidiary of Daicel) for chiral separations, Regis Technologies, Inc. for production of preclinical and clinical drugs and intermediates, and with Major Chemicals Co., Ltd. and S. Amit & Co. for economical sourcing of raw materials and early processing intermediates from China and India, respectively.

Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd., with headquarters in Japan, is a global chemical manufacturer with consolidated sales over $2 billion. Daicel was established in 1919 through a merger of eight celluloid companies, under the name Dainippon Celluloid Co., Ltd. The company's growth includes various cellulosic derivatives, organic chemicals, plastics, film, airbags, and chiral chromatography. The CPI Company division offers a wide range of organic syntheses combined with biotechnologies and integrated chiral technologies for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. Today, Daicel supplies chiral synthons and custom manufactures intermediates and bulk actives under cGMP and ISO standards from investigational to commercial scale. SMB, a form of industrial scale chromatographic separation, and bioreactions (biotransformation) using a variety of microbes including recombinant bacteria are core technologies that Daicel uses to introduce chirality into a fine chemical.

Daicel's CPI Company

  − キラル化合物のエキスパート −




1979年: アクリル系ポリマーの不斉重合法開発
1980年: アクリル系ポリマーの光学異性体分割能の発見
1982年: 光学活性体ポリマーを利用した世界最初のカラム上市「CHIRALPAK OT」
1986年: 受託分離ビジネス開始
1990年: 大型分取設備新設、受託分離拡大
1991年: 米国拠点設立 「
Chiral Technologies,Inc
1993年: キラルテクノロジー社(米国)にて受託分離ビジネス開始
1996年: 欧州拠点設立「Chiral Technologies-Europe SARL」

Chiral Technologies 新立地取得

Chiral Technologies

Chiral Technologies provides technical support, services and products to assist customers in Europe and North America in the analysis and separation of racemic compounds. For assistance in Asia, customers may contact Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan), a multi-billion dollar company with established expertise in cellulose chemistry and separation technologies. Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd. is the parent company of Chiral Technologies.

Chiral Technologies focuses its resources on chromatographic resolution - the fastest, most effective means of analyzing chiral compounds and obtaining pure enantiomers. A staff of experienced scientists and engineers at each Technical Center develops methods, provides customer support services and develops new application data. Our products and custom separation services are accomplished in facilities that comply with cGMP quality guidelines.

Daicel chiral HPLC columns, the most widely used and referenced chiral chromatography products in the world, are available from Chiral Technologies in Europe and North America. The core technology for Daicel chromatography products is polysaccharide-type chiral stationary phases. This technology has its origins with the research and resulting inventions of Professor Y. Okamoto of Nagoya University, Japan. Continued product development has resulted in bulk chiral stationary phase, preparative and process scale columns, simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography technology and the availability of custom separation services.

Thesis Chemistry, LLC

Thesis Chemistry provides the chemistry necessary to take your drug from concept to commercialization.

Serving the pharmaceutical, animal health and allied industries, Thesis Chemistry offers the highest-quality
contract chemistry services, while operating under FDA guidelines, in support of your drug development and manufacturing needs. Established in 2002, Thesis Chemistry delivers quality, speed, cost effectiveness and a customer-focused philosophy that makes us your ideal development partner. Thesis Chemistry, LLC is headquarted in Cleveland, Ohio and operates a subsidiary, Thesis Chemistry Inc. in Ontario, Canada.

Thesis Chemistry brings the chemical resources of a network of premier chemical industry partners to task on a project. This novel approach at chemical development matches ours and the best of the industry's technologies and capabilities to your specific project requirements. You benefit by a reduced outsourcing burden, access to the best technologies, lower cost and shortened time of manufacture.

Regis Technologies, Inc.

For over 40 years, Regis Technologies, Inc. has served as a partner in the development, scale-up, and manufacture of complex, multi-step custom synthetic products for clients in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech industries. Our extensive organic expertise and our collegiate collaborations have resulted in a number of innovative chromatography products, especially those with a chiral emphasis.

Major Chemicals Co., Ltd

Major Chemicals Co., ltd.has over 10 years experience in international business mainly dealing with various pharmaceutical raw materials , intermediates, herb extracts , food additives
and hormones etc. .
We have a good reputation in USA , EU and South American Markets.

S. Amit & Co. (Mumbai, India)

The S.Amit Group has been in the business of selling and marketing chemistry for over four decades, has recognition in chemical Industry.

Our marketing has always been information based. We have endeavoured to be unique and get service oriented in all the activities that we undertake.

Our emphasis has always been on the needs of our Customers and Business Partners and this has been our focal point of business. It has been our commitment to provide our organisation a structure to keep pace with the growing and ever changing needs of the business today as recognised by our Customers and Business Partners. With our constant endeavour to optimise customer's progress, we have today created a sound organisation with information technology enabled infrastructure for Overseas Representation and Distribution, so as to provide a total package of facilities for the Customers and Principals alike

Today we represent number of overseas and few national Principals for their Chemicals & Intermediates and performance chemicals for application in Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Paints, Polymer, Rubber, Ink, Personal Care, Food, Paper Industry. We always believed to be a intermediary with a difference and our strength have always been in analysis and quality of information and knowledge on the various products and Industries and this makes us different as an Infomediary and not a mere point of contact.

We believe in marketing the products of our Principals to the Industry by their chemistry and thus add value to the Customers and Principals alike, resulting in a win-win situation. We practice a sound code of business ethics and have a well-structured organisation with emphasis on technical and marketing competence and this makes us beyond a mere point of contact.

Our other area of strength is the Customs Synthesis, or shall we say Custom Solution wherein we bring the Producer and Buyer closer to each other depending on their strengths of chemistry, understand the synergy and thus convert under-utilised capabilities and capacities to opportunities.